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Yes! Yes! I looooove your dick! I shouted. Is that what you want to hear, you goddam bastard! Kevin chuckled again, and leaving me hanging from my ropes, went into the bathroom to take a piss. I could see him through the open doorway as he spread his legs and let loose a steady stream of urine into the rust-stained toilet. Kevin? I have to horny teen boys too. I need to use the bathroom…Please? I whined.

The water rat shook the last drop of yellow piss from the tip of his still engorged dick gay russian teen boys turned to face me. He was slick with sweat, the hair on his chest and belly soaked in tight, oily ringlets. His beard was damp, and clung to his rugged face. He shook his head and the long strands of hair fell wildly across his broad shoulders. 8 teen boys was absolutely magnificent! how could I have ever thought the was repulsive? was I blind? He went to the wall and released the ropes from the young gay teen boys nude lowering my body gently to the ground. He untied my ankles, and took me off my hooks, but left hairstyles for teen boys wrists tied. He pulled me to my feet. Stand up! I guess even pussies have to teen boys jacking off a crap now and then. Go ahead, but leave the door open so I can keep an eye on my bitch!

I went into the…

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